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Len -i too had uc and not crohns thankfully -so having a total colectomy was basically a cure for me. generic viagra cheap As you probably know uc is a disease that only effects the colon - so having a j-pouch means you still have you rectal stump and that can still get infected with colitis. viagra and vision After i had my loop ostomy changed to a permanent stoma, my dr for some dumb reason lef the empty j-pouch, the stum and rectum intact (his reasoning was in case i changed my mind ) so for nearly 5 yrs i dealt with constant mucus output and had to go on antibiotics for pouchitis at least once a year. viagra cheap pills Then after i complained enough he finally said he would remover my rectum and the pouch -and said "well you really shouldn't leave the rectum in anyway if you not gonna be reconnected cause you can still have the disease present down there then" grrrrr - and i said: now you finally tell me this!!!! Lol back to top   hm333 posted: tue jun 12, 2012 9:17 pm    post subject: thanks jim that is alot of helpful information. effects of viagra overdose   i have had the j pouch intake now for nearly 13 years and haven't really had alot of trouble with pouchitis etc... viagra australia no prescription Only at the beginning... Viagra tadalafil 20mg side effects Every year i have to go and have an anal stretch (brings tears to one's eyes!! cheap generic viagra Lol) to dilate the section where the j pouch and small intestine meet as this keeps closing up... cheap viagra in usa I agree with you... viagra dosage over 65 If i had of known all the horror i would experience having a  j pouch i would have just stayed with an ileostomy right from the start!!! cheap mg viagra pills fast deliervery It was a nightmare... uso viagra yahoo Worse than colitis. effects of viagra overdose   however, i don't wish to go through with such a big operation at this point to remove my rectum... Where can i buy viagra J pouch etc as i just don't think i could deal with it plus i haven't heard great stories for women when this is done!!! buy generic viagra Thanks for your post cheers helen back to top   juuust_jim posted: tue jun 12, 2012 10:18 pm    post subject: well, ive have 4 surgeries -my colon removal/ j-pouch, then the permament ilie -then a stoma re-site to my left side (due to scar tissue), then finally my rectum and pouch removal. viagra lutschtabletten 10 mg And for me the rectum removal was the easiest one of all. buy viagra in the united states I onlt needed. pfizer viagra for sale viagra sales in uk To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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