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Ension (nâ =â 536) was higher than the number of patients treated for renal function impairment (nâ =â 344). In 10 studies (6–9,11,13–17), stent placement was performed after initial or late renal pta failure. In two studies (12,19), stent placement was the primary intervention, and in the remaining two studies (10,18) stent placement was used as a primary or secondary intervention. The angiographic definition of a hemodynamically significant stenosis ranged from 40% to more than 70% reduction in lumen diameter. viagra coupon Lesion characteristics at angiography, a distinction was made between ostial and truncal lesions and between lesions due to atherosclerosis and lesions due to fibromuscular dysplasia. Ostial lesions were defined as stenoses of the renal artery within 2 mm (18), 4 mm (17), or 5 mm (10,13) of the aortic lumen. In one study (11), an ostial lesion was defined as a stenosis without a nondiseased renal arterial segment between the lesion and the aorta. More ostial lesions (nâ =â 371) than truncal lesions (nâ =â 139) were treated. In seven articles (6,9,11,12,14,16,18), either ostial or truncal lesions were treated. In three studies (8,10,13), only ostial lesions were treated, and in one study (7), only truncal lesions were involved. viagra vision side effects In the remaining three studies (15,17,19), the location of the lesion was not mentioned. Renal arterial stenoses were atherosclerotic in origin in the majority of cases. buy viagra online boots Patients also were included with renal arterial stenosis due to fibromuscular dysplasia (nâ =â 6), takayasu arteritis (nâ =â 2), and/or posttransplantation stenosis (nâ =â 4) (6,7,9,11,14). viagra for sale Procedure in 11 studies (6–14,17,18), the femoral approach was used for access; the brachial approach was used in the remainder (15,16,19). viagra samples Stent placement was preceded by predilation or balloon angioplasty in all but one study (19). buy viagra online boots The reason for predilation was given in two studies: in one study (8) to decrease the inflation pressure required for stent expansion and in the other study (16) to ensure that full expansion of the lesion was possible. In one study (7), the lesion was overdilated up to 120% of the original vessel size before stent placement. In the majority of studies (nâ =â 11), the authors did not describe the method used for vessel sizing. generic viagra canada In the remaining three studies (11, 12,16), digital angiographic analysis was used. generic viagra online In 11 studies, the palmaz stent was used; in two studies (6,9), the wallstent; and in one study (7), the strecker stent. where to buy generic viagra online In four studies, overdilation of the stent up to 110% (8,16) or 120% (13) of the original vessel size or 0. 5–1. buy viagra online boots 0 mm larger than the original vessel was performed (7). The reason for this overdilation was “to compensate for neointimal growth and to prevent t. generic viagra without prescription To change this page, upload your website into the public_html directory
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